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General Accounting

HTH & Associates offers a variety of accountings services that can be tailored to your business's needs. Whether you are looking for a team to perform all of your accounting functions or a portion of them, we are experienced at handling a variety of situations. Our team engages in multiple accounting processes including but not limited to accounts receivable and payable, audit preparation, bookkeeping through QuickBooks, and reconciliation. We are committed to helping your business grow by communicating business transactions in a way that guides decision making. We have served the community for more than 20 years and constantly look for ways to innovate our processes in an effort to save our clients' money.


At HTH & Associates, we understand how time consuming and stressful processing payroll can be. HTH partners with a payroll service, Intuit, in an effort to provide the best possible service and ensure compliance. Intuit assists with the computational and filing parts of the payroll process.  They are excellent at what they do, they defend their payroll tax filings, and they provide online access for you to directly view and retrieve payroll documents. We will setup of all Federal withholding and unemployment accounts, State withholding, unemployment and disability account numbers. Payroll calculations and paystubs are created for all employees. All paychecks will be direct deposited. Automatic deposits of all tax liabilities are made on your behalf, with HTH assuming full responsibility for accuracy and timeliness. We can also mix and match for those employees without checking accounts by direct depositing some and creating paper checks for others.


HTH & Associates will help your business navigate through the complicated field of tax laws and regulations. Our knowledge and expertise is in state and federal taxation includes California and Federal tax returns. HTH & Associates ensures your business has the legally required corporate documentation. Our team works hard to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your tax incentives, whether you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, S Corp or C Corp. We also provide tax planning critical to your long-term success. We provide comprehensive, professional tax preparation for personal, business, and corporate entities, including the following forms:
‣ 1040 Single or Joint  
‣ 990 (N,EZ, and Standard)  
‣ 1040 w/ Schedule C (Sole Proprietorship)  
‣ 1099  
‣ 1065  
‣ 1120-S (S Corporation)

Advisory Services

HTH & Associates is committed to bringing our clients access to consultation and planning resources they need to meet today's unprecedented challenges. As business minded consultants, we have learned that business owners are excellent at making widgets, but they commonly need help and advice on administering the business and getting the most out of it. We offer an objective perspective to help you make informed decisions as well as advice to help grow your business. HTH offers financial analysis, long term business planning and budgeting, human resources consulting, and training seminars. Our team will assist clients through the process of opening their business. We offer consultation to business owners with Periodic Business Reviews (PBR). These sessions are designed to explore various business questions and concerns throughout our fact finder questionnaire. Our goal is for you to leverage more out of your business by understanding entity structures, business expense deductions and other considerations. Our team will create analytic reports on the health of your company with trends and advice. We can help develop systems where data and information are presented in ways that are meaningful and value adding to operational decisions.

Training Services

We take pride in having the opportunity to assist our clients with succeeding in their business. As a result, we find it very important for business owners to learn how to administer their business effectively so they can spend more time making their business grow. Training seminars are a great way to learn how to run the administrative tasks of a business from industry to industry or in general. You can expect to have all your business questions answered, as well as, gain the knowledge of specific workflows designed to save you time and money.