Small Business Profit Explosion

Dhruv Patel
December 23, 2021

We recognize as a small business owner that sales alone aren't a true measure of your company's success. The earnings of any business are really the key sign of quality. Growing total profit for the year normally requires higher sales, but if you're not careful, the expense of increased sales could result in worse profit margins or even a loss.

At first, view, categorizing small business problems and growth patterns in a structured way that is useful to entrepreneurs appears to be an impossible task. The size and growth ability of small firms differ widely. Companies are identified by action independence, a diversity of management systems, and a diversity of working practices. So, how can smaller businesses earn good profits?


One of the easiest ways is to generate more sales while reducing expenses. Businesses can also improve profitability by reducing expenses and boosting net earnings after expenses are subtracted from sales. To save dollars, closely examine the cost of each item your company uses, looking for alternatives that are comparable in value but less pricey. Analyze your wage costs to see if there are any areas where you may be overstaffed. To save money on utility bills, increase energy efficiency. If location isn't critical to your sales, find a less expensive property to rent.  

Add new, related services to increase profit

There are many ways you can do side sales and trying to cross-selling-offering can help boost your income. If the customers need and buy products or services that are related to what you sell, then offering those related items can boost your business. For example, if you have a salon business try selling accessories that can be earned an extra type of income.  

Seek repeat sales

Any business must boost competitiveness by gaining repeat sales. Keeping in contact with current clients would be as simple as sending an email or sending messages. Even if business clients are impressed with their purchases, if you do not stay in touch with them, they may forget about you and seek out other options. Sending updates for new things that have come in the store is a smart way to keep your customers engaged in your business.  

Keep your employees happy

A few of the better aspects of keeping employees satisfied are avoiding the costs of repeat hiring and training processes. Minor actions including flexible work hours, additional discounts, sales rewards, and even having coffee machines can save reduce energy/cost when it comes to hiring new employees. There is no need to increase salary, but employees who feel valued and paid appropriately are more likely to stay. With no need to increase salary, but employees who feel valued and paid appropriately are more likely to stay.




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The author, Dhruv Patel is an Accounting Intern at Thaddeus Resource Center. I am someone who wants to work in Accounting/ Finance field in the future, and am currently a student at Penn State Univeristy.