Advisory Services: Importance of app advisory

John Velasco
May 9, 2022

For accounting firms, advisory services are becoming more prevalent as a service demanded from clients. Advising on apps can be a huge part of that. While QuickBooks offers many features in addition to the basics of tracking expenses and managing payments, small business owners rely on integrating apps that give them more tools to run their business more effectively and efficiently. While firms expect the business to utilize their apps to collect data to be categorized, figuring out the right app may be a daunting task.  

For example, there are many apps for receipts and time sheets. App advisory is one way firms can deliver a value added service to their clients. In addition to helping clients be more organized, technology through apps adds the prospect of automation, increasing efficiency and simplifying the processes already in place. There are types of apps such as field service apps that give clients multiple benefits.

By being knowledgeable about apps that use Artificial Intelligence technology and "learn" on the go, accountants can help their clients improve workflow and streamline the operations of their business. Accounting firms should look to consult their clients on the possibilities available to them and work with the client to create an ideal workflow. In the app advisory process, accountants can first being to figure out what problems an app can solve for a client. After all, the goal is to solve business problems. The accountant should also consider what transactions the app will affect such as income and expense, who is using the app and consult accordingly.  

By researching the QuickBooks Online Accountant Apps tab, accountants can gain more knowledge on apps and how they can be used to for business automation. Other resources such as allow you to read reviews, compare apps, and determine what is best for your client's needs Using a worksheet or questionnaire is a helpful step in assessing whether an app is right for a client by ranking and rating apps. Accountants can then rate the app's implementation, ease of use, interface, cost, and other factors. An accountant can then use the results for consultation.

More and more, advisory services are what businesses demand in today's environment and advising on apps is part of the job in dealing with less than tech savvy business owners who may not otherwise have the time and energy to become experts in apps. It not only helps your client with a value added service but provides another stream of income for the accounting firm.  


App Evaluation Worksheet

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John Velasco